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I walked into Kroger the other day and noticed a young woman probably in her mid thirty’s grocery shopping with two kids which i’m assuming belonged to her. One boy and one girl. The boy was probably seven and the little girl looked around five. What I happened to notice while being stuck behind them for a while was how the kids acted towards their mother. All kids can get an attitude when they don’t get what they want sometimes, but these kids were AWFUL! The boy started yelling at the mom because she wouldn’t buy him ice cream and the little girl was touching everything she could and pulling it from the shelves to the floor. The poor mom was trying to do everything she could to discipline them and trying not to make a huge scene at the same time. This made me think of my niece and nephew and how I hope they don’t give strangers this same impression it gave me.

here is a pic of my niece Brylee being her normal sassy self

here is a pic of my niece Brylee being her normal sassy self



The Title I posted says “I absolutely love her”. About two weeks into my first semester of college I received a random roommate who happened to be a 22 year old foreign exchange student from China. She has completely changed how I view the world around me and other people. It’s so cool to learn about other people’s culture and talk about our differences. She has taught me so much about her culture and things I never would have realized about my own culture. I am so blessed to have met her and I know that we will keep in touch when she returns back to China. We may have a difficult time understanding one another sometimes but I will always love her like a sister. 

Life is a struggle 

Life is a struggle. I only got four hours of sleep last night. (Nobody’s fault but mine, I know) This morning I woke up late, burnt my hand on my straightener, was almost late to class, then on top of all of that I forgot we were having a quiz in biology. My days don’t always start out like this but when they do it ruins my whole day. Have you ever had a day start out like this? I’m sure everybody has at one point and it happens to people on a daily basis. All in all what I’m trying to say is, we can’t control what happens in life and the best way to get over it is to just put a smile on and move on.

Why do I suck at laundry

in high school I never had to do my own laundry.. This has been a major struggle for me since I came to college. I didn’t know what kind of laundry detergent or fabric softener to buy and I barely even knew how to work the washer and dryer. It’s been a learning process for the past few months, Iv ruined SEVERAL good shirts. Some were easy to fix and a few still have stains in them. I still don’t really understand what I’m doing wrong. I started separating my colors and this still happens. I’m just going to blame the washers for all my problems

crazy people of Walmart

015Every time I go to Walmart I am amazed by all of the different types of people I see. Iv seen a lot of strange people doing strange things and i’v probably been looked at strangely myself. My friends and I used to dare each other to play jokes on people, run around acting crazy, and sometimes playing hide and go seek in the store. In miss being able to run around doing whatever as a kid. Now i care too much about what people think. once i heard about the website People of Walmart, I decided I was determined to make it on their website. My crazy uncle wanted us to lick the freezer class in the cold food isles. My mom was so embarrassed she had to walk away.

Gatlinburg, Tennessee

895Gatlinburg is a fun place to go on vacation with family and friends. There is no way that anyone could ever get bored in a place like this.You could shop all day, go out to eat at fun places, or even go to the Ripley’s aquarium to see all sorts of animals and fish that live in the sea. Such animals as; sharks, penguins, and stingrays. There is a moonshine distillery in town that you can go and shop for moonshine, or look around at all the different types of flavors that they make. This was a great experience for me, and I know others will enjoy it.

Fun in the Sun


two of my favorite regular patrons playing in the pool

Over the past few summers I have worked at my hometown’s city pool as a lifeguard. This job has been so much fun for me and every day is something new. I’v seen way too many over-aged and overweight ladies in bikinis that’s the truth. A few times I have had guys say they were going to try the “Sandlot Move” on me. I remember telling one annoying kid that if he tried that on me I would just let him drown (joking of course). This job has taught me how to be professional, even wearing a bikini. I hope to spend many other summers as a lifeguard.