Monthly Archives: February 2015

Gonna miss this

This year I was lucky enough to live on the 5th floor in Nutt Hall. Yes, I absolutely loved my dorm room this semester. Besides my annoying neighbors and the scratches all on my walls! Last night my friends and I sat down at midnight to do our housing application to once again try to get on the 5th floor of Nutt. It was so hard to even log on to the website because there was so many people doing it at once. My two friends I was planning on being sweetmates with were lucky enough to get on the 5th floor in a corner room. Me and my roommate will be living on the first floor in 116. I’m so excited for a new semester in Nutt Hall!! Even though I won’t have an amazing view every morning when I wake up, at least I still have a big room and big windows!


In our free time 

Over the past few days it’s been pretty boring in my room. My roommate and I have been spending our time watching movies, eating, and making origami. No, I did not make this cute elephant in the picture. My roommate did though. I got halfway through making it and decided it was way too hard. Every day I learn something new from Oliva and she always shows me up. This origami figure was a lot more complicated than I expected and took a pretty good while to complete. Maybe one day I’ll take the time again to sit down and actually learn how to make it. For right now I’ll just enjoy the cute figure on my desk that I didn’t even make.

Snow dayz

Who doesn’t love snow days? The good thing about snow days in college is that you don’t have to make up the classes. It was predicted before winter that this year would be one of our hardest winters in a while. This was not true until about a week ago. This past week has been nonstop snow it feels like. In my hometown, they have been to school twice in the past week and a half. Unfortunately they will have to make up all the days that they missed. While we were on our snow days, I have enjoyed sleeping in, playing in the snow, and taking cute pictures with my friends! Keep it coming snow, I’m not ready for spring yet! 

Be mine? 

This Valentine’s Day with my sweetie couldn’t have been better!!! Even though we’ve spent three other Valentine’s days together this one was special to me. We went to my favorite restaurant since I was young, Crazy Hibachi. And went to see the new movie, The Boy Next Door. That night we even got to sit down and have a few beers together. What more could a girl ask for? My boyfriend did everything he could to please me on this special day and I’m more than thankful to have him in my life. I wouldn’t want any other man to be my Valentine. 🙂

Workout or play?

This semester I chose to take a woman’s workout class as an elective. This class is great and all don’t get me wrong but the reason I took it is because I have no motivation to workout on my own. We are in the classroom on Mondays and on Wednesdays we workout. The only downfall is having to find the time to workout two more times a week on my own. The picture attached above is a selfie of me and my friend Tori goofing off while we were supposed to be working out on our own. I just can’t stay motivated when I don’t have someone pushing me hard and Tori does NOT push me. Ha 

She can sing.?

Last night when I came back to the dorm my Chinese roommate asked me if she could sing a song for me. I said of course, thinking she was going to sing a song in her own language but I was wrong. Apparently she’s been able to play the guitar for several years now and she’s been working on playing and singing a song called “Jar of Love.” It was the most beautiful thing Iv ever heard. Not just because how amazing she preformed but because she sang a song in English. This takes true talent. What really amazed me was how her accent wasn’t as strong as it is when she talks. I sing some myself and we are now working on a duet to sing together. We may have found a new hobby to do in our spare time! 🙂

Yoga pros

Every week in Nutt hall, our RA’s are in charge of planning an event for all residents to attend if they want. This is a good way to get the staff involved with the residents and to just have a good time not worrying about homework! The other night was yoga night hosted by RA Monique. This was a well planned event that turned out to be a huge success. Monique invited a yoga instructor on campus to teach us a few yoga moves that left us all sore the next day. Me and my cheerleader friend Kj had the oppretunity to show off our awesome flexibility at this event. The picture I chose is a picture of my mom showing off her not so flexible skills. This picture was taken one night while I was at home playing around with a yoga dvd. My mom had to try what I was doing.