My poor baby

Just this past Friday I was in a hurry for work and this happened. I’m still not really sure how a curb could do this to my rim but it did. Right there beside the Tech football field at the new four way stop I hit a curb and apparently I did it well.i was already in a hurry and a bad mood. Someone happened to be at the stop sign on the side I was turning to. Since I was there first I had to turn first. I noticed that they were on the center line closest to the lane I was turning into and I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t want to hit them and I knew there was a long curb on the other side of me. I have turned right there many times on my way to work and figured it would be no problem but then I heard a loud noise and the right rear end of my car went up as I ran over the curb. Lucky the piece that broke was still attached by a strand of plastic so I took it off to save hoping I can save my rim. If my dad finds out I broke my new car already he’s gonna be pissed. Hopefully someone can glue it back on. 


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