Monthly Archives: March 2015

Spring break 2015

Every girl deserves a good pedi every now and then. Unlike the average freshman in college, I did not spent my spring break partying up at Panama Ciry Beach. I spent my week at home and doing things in the Natural State! I love being home so I wanted to spend as much time this past week with my family at home. There is nothing better than sleeping in my own bed. Since the weather is finally nice I decided to treat myself to a hot stone pedicure! It sure felt good and now I have pretty piggies for when I wear sandals! 

Advice for the day: don’t care what people think about you. Boy or girl, if you want to you should be able to enjoy a pedicure! 


omg yum


eating is a hobby of mine and honestly i’m surprised I don’t weight 500 pounds. Another thing is, eating out is my favorite. I’m not much on home cooked meals. Take me anywhere from McDonald’s to a five star restaurant and I promise you I will be happy. The picture above was recently taken at Buffalo Wild Wings of Russellville, AR. Everyone should enjoy a good meal close to campus for a good time and good food. Wings, Beer, Sports. Next time I go out to eat with my boyfriend I think i’ll take seafood. That sounds pretty good right now.

CAUTION: This girl is NOT a cheap date!

Girls just wanna have fun


so i highly doubt you could pick me out from this picture so I will help you out. I’m on the right side of the girl doing weird karate moves in the air. Gray tank top and wild brown hair. This picture explains my entire freshman year of high school. Always surrounded by an amazing group of girls I call my friends. No matter what, I knew I could always count on these girls.Sadly, we have all gone separate ways since college but I guess that’s just how it goes. I know I will probably find another group of girls as crazy as these who I can keep around for a long time!

Beebe High School education

Yes, I am ashamed to say that I went to high school with this DA that wrote this sign for our senior parade. It’s pretty sad when a senior who is about to graduate can’t even spell “business” the degree they want to have in college. When i saw this i busted out laughing. The irony is just too real for this situation. Even though this sign was written for a guy, I am pretty sure his girlfriend wrote it for him. This not only makes her look bad but it makes him look bad too since its on his truck! I’m just curious why no one told them before they put it on the truck.


Fall 2015

The day is here! I am sitting in Rothwell patiently waiting for my advising appointment. It’s so crazy to think that iv almost completed my Freshman year of college! Only six more semesters until I am completely done. Everytime I come to my advising appointment I am a complete mess! I just want to be sure that nothin gets screwed up and I end up taking classes I don’t even need! Lucky I have a pretty helpful advisor that guides me through everything. I dread the time when I have to start doing all this work on my own, then I will really be a mess. I guess that’s just a part of growing up though!

Too pretty outside 

So now that we’re done with winter weather it’s finally starting to feel like spring! My favorite season of the year. When everything starts to bloom and the weather is absolutely perfect! Sadly I am stuck inside at work on this beautiful day. Thank goodness Spring Break 2015 is just a few days away! This Spring Break I plan on doing lots of fun activites around Arkansas since I won’t be at Panama City Beach like every other college kid. I hope that the weather is just as pretty as it is today so I can be outside with my animals! There is nothing better than Spring time!! Just sure does suck when you can’t enjoy it!

Flash me

Yep. It’s true that these babies are taking over my life. This past weekend I spent over three hours making flash cards for Comp II and Intro to Biology. The sad thing is I probably won’t even use them to study, but atleast I have them if I do decide to study. All throughout high school I never had to study and now that I’m in college it’s the hardest thing ever. I just don’t have the time or patience to sit down and study for hours. It is proven that flash cards can help benefit all learning types in some way. So far I haven’t noticed a change in my grades from using flash cards but as long as I get by in school I’ll be happy.