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Pharmacy part 2

  The Arkansas HIPAA laws state that employees working in any kind of medical related job must follow the strict policies for patient protection. As a patient, you have the right to keep all of your information private. At Kroger pharmacy in Russellville, we have people come in all the time and tell us to make sure their med list is kept from other family members. We have to follow their request. We also have had complaints from customers in the past when we talk about their insurance or pricing in front of other customers. We just have to be careful that we don’t say any personal information in front of other people. Sometimes this is hard to do when you’re trying to refill and fill new perscriptions. 
Pharmacy employees should be aware of the HIPAA policies to prevent angry customers! 


What will you do?

 Many of us take what we have in life for granted. Whether it be something big or small. Until you have actually seen and experienced the way the less fortunate live it is hard to understand how good you have it. There are so many countries around the world that don’t even have access to clean water to drink and do their laundry. Here in the U.S. This is something that we never have to worry about. The struggle to feed a family and find transportation can be tough when you live in a third world country. Even though some people aren’t as fortunate as us in the U.S, they make it work with what they have.

Isn’t it awesome that we have the opportunity to go to them and help? One way you can help people in less fortunate countries is by going to help them. Serving with missionaries is a great way to help. You get the opportunity to serve, love, and provide!

Problems in the pharmacy 

 In any job there are potential problems that may arise. Some are big and some are small. As a pharmacy technician, one of my duties is to count out the medicine before it is released to the patient. There is room for human error in this job and sometimes it does not turn out pretty. It is important that patients recieve the correct amount of medicine. Sometimes it is hard to focus when there is s lot going on or when things are extremely busy. When a patient does recieve the wrong amount of medicine and they notice it, it can lose a patients trust. There are a few ways that all pharmacy staff can reduce the number of errors when counting out pills though. No matter how busy the work place is, it is always important to double count all schedule 2 prescriptions. It is also important to carefully check how many pills are supposed to be given out before counting them.

Once in a lifetime experience 

 On September 2th, the moon put on a show that has not taken place since 1982. A super moon and eclipse at the same time is very rare but is a beautiful sight to see. Many people across the world were able to see this breathtaking sight and many were not. It is such a shame that some people were not able to see this. There are many reasons that some people were not able to see it. For some people here in Arkansas, the clouds hovered over the moon blocking the light. For some people in other parts of the world, the earths rotation just was not in their favor. There is nothing we can do about this besides planning ahead. The next “blood moon” is supposed to appear in 2033. If you were not able to see the blood moon this year because of improper location I suggest moving to a region were it is promised to be seen. Once again, this is an amazing sight to see and I am super glad I got to experience it.

Stupid p-safe

 Yes, I recently got a ticket on campus from our public safety department. The reason being is not fair in my eyes. I have lived in Nutt Hall for almost 3 semesters now. There has always been parallel parking outside of Nutt up until a few days ago. Apparently 2 of those parallel parking spots  have been removed due to a fire lane that has been put in. However, all they did was spray paint the white lines black and paint the curb red. There was no warning sign to warn students that there had been a change. I parked late at night and never saw a change. One way to revise this problem for the future would to at least give students a fair warning that there is being a change. An email or a sign would have been nice instead of a $60 ticket. I will fight this until it gets off of my account.

    This is Sidney Smith. She is a 6th grader at Russellville. My roommate Mallory picks Sidney and her sister Whitney up from school everyday. One day I rode with her and had the opportunity to meet them. Overall, they are super sweet kids. In the picture, you can see Sidney on her phone. When I was I kid, I didn’t have a phone until I was in high school. Nowadays, kids are constantly on their phones texting, facetimimg, And snap chatting. In my opinion, it distracts them and shortens their attention span. I think that parents shouldn’t allow they’re kids to have a smart phone until they’re in high school. If the parents feel like they need to be able to get a hold of them, they should start their kids off with a non smart phone for emergencies. 

Racehorse probs

 So this is my new girl, Faith Heels. A 6yr old thoroughbred racehorse. She ran her last race September 19th. The problem with racehorses is some of them just don’t make it as racehorses. Some are too slow, some get injured, and some just don’t have the heart for it. Many people spend tons of money on horses trying to win some back and end up having to sell them cheap because they lose their value as a racehorse. The problem with this mare is that she just didn’t enjoy it anymore. She could have been sold to someone else on the track but that wouldn’t be doing her any favor. This is very common to see. Luckily there is a good solution for this. Many retired racehorses make excellent show jumpers and barrel horses because of their amazing athleticism and speed. So that’s where I come in. I will be working with this mare to hopefully find her a new career. Depending on her success I could either train her and sell her for more or keep her.