Frustration in our lives

 Tonight during a worship time at New Life Church of Russellville, we looked deep into a topic that caught my attention. As humans we all have struggles and frustration. There is no way to escape these problems but there are ways to improve them. Sometimes when things don’t go as planned we tend to run from our problems. As a Christian, this does nothing but distance ourselves from God.  The first step in improving your frustration is to recognize the issue. If we talk to God and ask him to turn our frustrations into something positive we can better our relationship with him and learn how to handle our problems better. No matter what, this life is going to bring us frustration but we just have to deal with it. The best way to deal with this is by relying on Him. God wants to take care of our problems if we will just give them all to him. This may be a more personal problem but I feel as if everyone can relate to it. Christian or non-Christian, there IS a way to make something good out of the worst struggles in life. If everyone knew how to handle their problems the right way just imagine the kind of world we would be living in.


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