Barrel horse Probs

 This is my barrel horse, Flit What a Turner. One thing about having horses is you have to go out of your way to take extra good care of them. When you’re making three sharp turns in about 16 seconds sometimes your horse may get a little scuffed up. We do use leg wraps for protection but sometimes these still don’t help completely. One night after making a run on Turner his right back leg got really hot and ended up swelling. This is pretty common for horses that run a lot. Thank goodness for smart people that can create such awesome products to take care of your horse with. This machine attached to his back legs is a game ready. Similar to an ice bath that atheletes use when they are sore. This machine pumps extremely cold water through the tubes and adds pressure to the legs while pumping the water into the wraps around the legs. My hopes for the future is that more people will be able to come up with more advanced products to help prevent injuries in horses! This would solve so many problems with long term injuries in barrel horses.


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