Farming and Government loans

The Farmers of our country are a backbone to our nation. So why is it hard for them to get loans to start their crop every year? Farmers are the hardest working people there is. They provide something in life that you have to have, Food! Just like doctors are a very important factor to our lives, so are farmers. The difference in pay is very easy to notice too. In saying that, you would think that since doctors get paid so much and farmers don’t that it would at least be easy for a farmer to get a loan so he would be able to start his crop at the beginning of the farming season. In today’s time, farmers are struggling every single day to keep their everyday lives going because of poor lack of government support. In my opinion, farmers should be at the top of our list in jobs that should be backed by Government support. My solution to this is to make it easier for our nations farmers to pull out loans. Every state should have a set rate that a farmer should get every year to start his crops instead of having to go through government paper work and have the hope to get a loan when most don’t even receive it.


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