5 second rule-false

Pretty much everyone has heard of the 5 second rule. I’m sure we have all done it at least once in our lives. Maybe even quite often for some people. I hear people talk about it all the time in every day life, commercials, and social media. Some people will actually argue that it works but i’m here to prove that wrong with some experimental facts I found.

  1. Just because a surface looks clean does not mean it is clean. We can’t see bacteria with our eyes therefore there could be hundreds of bacteria crawling on the ground waiting for a drop of food.
  2. Germs don’t necessarily wait around 5 seconds before latching onto your food. They want it just as bad as you do. Although, the less time spent on the floor, the less time germs have to attach themselves. Germs can attach to something the instant it hits the ground. In all honesty, the 5 second rule may seem like a good idea when your’re hungry and want that cookie you just dropped on the floor, but its probably not the safest idea.

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