Racehorse probs

 So this is my new girl, Faith Heels. A 6yr old thoroughbred racehorse. She ran her last race September 19th. The problem with racehorses is some of them just don’t make it as racehorses. Some are too slow, some get injured, and some just don’t have the heart for it. Many people spend tons of money on horses trying to win some back and end up having to sell them cheap because they lose their value as a racehorse. The problem with this mare is that she just didn’t enjoy it anymore. She could have been sold to someone else on the track but that wouldn’t be doing her any favor. This is very common to see. Luckily there is a good solution for this. Many retired racehorses make excellent show jumpers and barrel horses because of their amazing athleticism and speed. So that’s where I come in. I will be working with this mare to hopefully find her a new career. Depending on her success I could either train her and sell her for more or keep her.


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