Monthly Archives: October 2015

Stray cats

  Stray cats are very common in rural areas and in some cities. People think that it’s okay to feed stray animals, but it’s not okay. All this does is keeps them coming back for more. Cats can carry disease and sometimes kill too many birds that are supposed to control the insect population. A limited number of cats is reasonable to kill unwanted rodents and birds. Cats can form colonies and start fights with other cats and even get other cats to join them. How can we solve this problem of the stray cats? Many animal shelters will help you catch the cats if you give them a call and tell them the location. You can also set up your own traps at home if strays are common in your area. Once they are trapped, they can be taken to a shelter and put up for adoption. There are many people who would love to give a stray a new home! 


Deer population

  Every year in Arkansas people either complain about there being too many deer or too less deer. Having too many deer is a hunters dream come true. 
Here lately I have been seeing many dead deer on the side of the road from being hit by cars. Deer can damage vehicles and even take a persons life. Deer are also know for their damage to yards, gardens and farming fields. When deer run out of vegetation in the wild they rely on areas where they normally don’t go to get their food. These places are often where people keep their crops. Once the deer get into a place where the human population is high, it’s hard for them to get out. They stay where the food is and there is no predators around them. This causes the population to go up. 

One way to fix the over population of deer is by hunting. Another way is by using PZP (porcine zona pellucida) a fertility vaccine used in female deer to reduce the fertility rate. 

Rodeo mishaps

  When it comes to the world of rodeo, there are a lot of mishaps, wrecks, and things that can go wrong. The main problem in the biggest event in team roping is ropers lossing a thumb. This can happen in many different ways. One way that this can happen is people who just started roping not knowing how to properly handle their rope and getting in a bind and not knowing what to do and when they dally one of their fingers get caught in the saddle horn and the rope. Another reason is when people are trying to be fast, since team roping is a timed event and the fastest time wins, they try to be fast and once again they get in a bind and lose a finger. The last reason is when you are roping bigger cattle and they can sometimes get heavy on the end of a rope, causing your rope to run, which then leads to your coils sucking down on your hand and trapping your hand/fingers in your dally resulting in lost fingers. This could be solved very easy with better teaching when someone is learning how to rope and properly teaching them how to handle a rope before roping off of s horse.

Left handed probs

  Every day I face struggles being left handed.

  • Every time I write I end up with ink all over my hand.
  •  I always find myself searching for the left-handed desk in class.
  • I bump elbows when right handed people sit to the left of me. 
  • I find it hard to write in a 3-ring binder 
  • Scissors are impossible to use 
  • Signatures on pin-pads never turn out how I expect 
  • Ballpoint pens always screw up
  • Keyboards put the number pad on the right side
  • I struggle to count pills with a right handed pill tray at work

 ……and the list could go on. Luckily they make school supplies for left handed people! As for all the other problems I listed that are not school related… Someone needs to start thinking of the lefty’s when making other products! 

Walk at your own risk

  At Arkansas Tech Univeristy, I have noticed a consistent problem concerning jaywalkers, crazy drivers and crosswalks. The crosswalks on campus are designed for people to walk across the road not worrying about traffic. Pedestrians are supposed to have the right-a-way at all times. Often times I see drivers that don’t even pay attention to the pedestrians trying to cross the street. I also see people who will try to cross the street without a crosswalk. 
Jaywalking is illegal but people still get away with it. Police should be more aware of this problem and stay close to crosswalks in town to catch people doing this. 

Volkswagen pollution 

  A few months back in Septemeber, the Environmental Protection Agency caught Volkswagen automobile makers cheating on emmison testing. Volkswagen had been intentionally programming their cars to pass laboratory emmison testing. The level of nitrogen oxide released during testing met the  U.S standards but was exceeding it 40 times higher when on the roads. This was causing a smog in the air from the nitrogen gas. This proves that big companies can not be trusted. Volkswagen was allowing millions of cars out of the roads to pollute our air. 
The EPA is in charge of catching people like this and they need to regulate these kinds of things closely. In the future, there shouldn’t be another problem like this that goes on this long without being caught. 

Drug abusers

  This is a Fentanyl Patch. It is prescribed to patients who are facing severe and chronic pain. Patients prescribed to this should be causious of the side effects and should have already been on another form of pain medication before using the patch. Someone who is not used to pain medication can experience severe breathing problems and possible death. 
One of the issues with this patch is people using it the wrong way. Since it is a very strong form of pain medication it can easily be abused. Some people have figured out that if you stick a part of the patch in between your cheek and gum, inside the mouth, that you get a high from it. 

People who are not prescribed to this medication should not take someone else’s or the consequences could be fatal. 

Proper direction from prescribers and counseling from pharmacist could help warn people of the dangers of improper use.