Waste management in America

  One of the current problems in the U.S is what we will do with all of our waste. More than half of human-made waste in the U.S comes from agriculture and indistrity. Most of this trash is biodegradable. There  are a few options to getting rid of our waste. Landfills are a common way to get rid of waste here in the U.S. Does it actually get rid of it though? The answer is no. Landfills are just a way to hide all of our trash. Burning is another option we have. The energy used to burn the trash is then used as electricity for us. This is a good way to get rid of trash and create energy if it is done right. Eventually, we will run out of space to hide our trash. This is a very serious potential problem not only for the U.S., but worldwide. By recycling, you reduce the amount of useless waste. Applying principles of industrial ecology is finding a way to use the waste from one industry to feed another. Communities and companies can work together to reduce waste. 


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