Deer population

  Every year in Arkansas people either complain about there being too many deer or too less deer. Having too many deer is a hunters dream come true. 
Here lately I have been seeing many dead deer on the side of the road from being hit by cars. Deer can damage vehicles and even take a persons life. Deer are also know for their damage to yards, gardens and farming fields. When deer run out of vegetation in the wild they rely on areas where they normally don’t go to get their food. These places are often where people keep their crops. Once the deer get into a place where the human population is high, it’s hard for them to get out. They stay where the food is and there is no predators around them. This causes the population to go up. 

One way to fix the over population of deer is by hunting. Another way is by using PZP (porcine zona pellucida) a fertility vaccine used in female deer to reduce the fertility rate. 


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