Left handed probs

  Every day I face struggles being left handed.

  • Every time I write I end up with ink all over my hand.
  •  I always find myself searching for the left-handed desk in class.
  • I bump elbows when right handed people sit to the left of me. 
  • I find it hard to write in a 3-ring binder 
  • Scissors are impossible to use 
  • Signatures on pin-pads never turn out how I expect 
  • Ballpoint pens always screw up
  • Keyboards put the number pad on the right side
  • I struggle to count pills with a right handed pill tray at work

 ……and the list could go on. Luckily they make school supplies for left handed people! As for all the other problems I listed that are not school related… Someone needs to start thinking of the lefty’s when making other products! 


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