Rodeo mishaps

  When it comes to the world of rodeo, there are a lot of mishaps, wrecks, and things that can go wrong. The main problem in the biggest event in team roping is ropers lossing a thumb. This can happen in many different ways. One way that this can happen is people who just started roping not knowing how to properly handle their rope and getting in a bind and not knowing what to do and when they dally one of their fingers get caught in the saddle horn and the rope. Another reason is when people are trying to be fast, since team roping is a timed event and the fastest time wins, they try to be fast and once again they get in a bind and lose a finger. The last reason is when you are roping bigger cattle and they can sometimes get heavy on the end of a rope, causing your rope to run, which then leads to your coils sucking down on your hand and trapping your hand/fingers in your dally resulting in lost fingers. This could be solved very easy with better teaching when someone is learning how to rope and properly teaching them how to handle a rope before roping off of s horse.


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