Living in rural areas 

  Most people think that living in the middle of no where is the safest place to be but little do they know, the city is a much safer place to live. Here are a few reasons that make rural areas more dangerous than the cities. 

  • Living outside of the city requires more driving which makes it more likely to get in a car accident 
  •  Gun accidents are more likely to happen in the country due to recreational gun use and hunting 
  • Robbery is more likely to occur with no one watching
  • Response time is much slower outside of city limits

These are just a few of the top reasons that make rural areas more dangerous. By living in the city you are constantly around people which makes your chances of being robbed less likely, guns are out of the norm in cities, driving is required as much, and help is always near if something does happen. 

More and more people are moving out of the cities because they are fearful. If people only realized that the country isn’t any better they would probably stay in the city. 


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