Dangers of big trucks

  It’s an obvious fact that simi trucks are much larger than the cars we drive and it’s true that they can put lives in danger due to their large size. The majority of car accidents on highways involve simi trucks. Simi trucks have a hard time swapping lanes because of many blind spots. These blind spots make it hard for the driver to see what’s next to them. They also have a hard time coming to a complete stop because of heavy loads behind them. This can end badly if a sudden stop is needed to occur. Simi truck drivers may be experienced in their job but mistakes can happen. In most cases, the car always loses the battle in a wreck between simi and car. Many deaths happen each year to simi truck accidents.
Car drivers should be aware that truck drivers are not able to maninuver as well and have a much harder job on the road. All drivers should try their best to respect truck drivers on the road and give them enough space to drive. This will make all roads a safer place to be. 


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