Tis the season 

  During the holiday seasons many people all over the world celebrate Christmas. During this holiday season many people decorate trees and their houses with lights. Some people even go to extreme measures while decorating by setting up lights all in their yards. Many cities and parks will decorate with lights in creative ways. This uses a lot of energy in a months time. Because of this people’s electricity bills will increase. 
Christmas lights can also be a fire hazard. When lights are left on for too long they can overheat and catch surrounding objects on fire. What a sad Christmas it would be if your house caught on fire the day before Christmas. 

One way people can prevent these problems is by setting a timer on all lights that are displayed. These can be bought at convienient stores. This will allow you to choose exactly how long you want your lights to stay on. This way you can still have them on at nighttime and you don’t have to worry about turning them off in the middle of the night. 


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