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Life of a barrel racer


presidential views on abortion

The president has a lot to do with the say on abortion. It has to do with their views and how they think it should be handled. Ronald Reagan for example was against abortion. Obama, is for abortion and has even offered that insurance pays for the procedure in particular situations. This is something that is first ran by the president to see what he thinks about it, then the people get a say in it.

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Gas price Assignment

Many people will get angry at the president because they think that he controls the gasoline prices in American. Ultimately this is not true at all. After research, I have learned that the president really does not have much say at all. Gas prices are based off of the economy. When the demand is higher than the supply, gas prices are going to be higher. The oil economy is not just based off of the U.S. Even if we got all of our oil from our own country we would still have to ship it to other countries too. If they can’t afford it then the price will be just the same as what they are paying.

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