Clearing land

  This is a picture taken in North East Texas near my grandparents house. One of the current problems around their area is clearing land for new subdivisions. As you can see in the picture, the background of the picture is covered with houses. In the front is freshly cleared land. Even though there are plenty of houses in the area, builders keep clearing land for more houses. Current house owners in the area are not so happy about this. This small town in North East Texas is supposed to be mainly country side but now it is turning into mainly subdivision. Clearing land is harmful to the environment and also to many different habitats. 
Although it brings in money to the community, if this isn’t something the people want I don’t think it should be done. City council should vote on whether or not these things are wanted in the area before making any decisions. 



  Is an example of carbon pollution. This is a gas station in Hazen, Arkansas that caught on fire. Carbon pollution is the main distributor to climate disruption causing extreme weather conditions to get worse. It also has a big influence on our health. Asthma is a life threatening condition caused by smog in the air due to air pollution. When this gas station caught on fire, all of these harsh fumes coming from the gas station were released into the air. Anyone can help reduce carbon pollution in every day life. By not traveling as much, not using as much energy, and recycling, you can help your environment be a healthier place to live. 

Faulty equipment 

  This past summer my boyfriend was mowing a friends lawn with this standing lawn mower. It’s just like any other riding lawn mower except you stand behind it and ride. While he was mowing, the foot stand fell off. It made a funny story after it was over but while it was happening it was scary he said. He held onto the handle while the lawn mower spun around in circles chasing him. He eventually let go and the lawn mover and it turned off on its own. If he hadn’t been able to move away from the movers blades in time he could have been hurt very bad. 
Operating equipment like this is always dangerous and scary when something goes wrong. Equipment like this should be properly maintained and checked before leaving the factory to prevent injuries. 

Nair strips….

  The other night Kaelyn and I thought it would be a good idea to wax our “mustaches”. We bought some nair strips that were prewaxed and work when heat is applied. We both took turns warming the strips with our hands then sticking them above our lips. When it was time to remove them we ripped them off as quick as possible. After mine was removed my whole upper lip started burning and I noticed that some of my skin was removed. The nair strip removed all of the hair on my upper lip as well as my skin. For 4 days after that, I had scabs from where my skin had been ripped off. Needless to say, I will not be using nair strips ever again. 
These convenient strips are not as good as they look and expecially for people with sensitive skin. There needs to be a better way to remove facial hair that won’t damage skin. 


  There are many things these days that require proof. This is an example of my dear friend Kaelyn. Her sorority requires every member to put in four hours of study time every week at the library. They used to just make everyone sign a book every time they went to study until they found out that they would just get people to sign their name for them. Now they require you to have an app where you can log in every time you’re in the library studying. Most people are too attached to their phones that this seemed like a good idea. There will always be away to beat the system though. Since I have several classes in the library, I take my friend Kaelyn’s phone to the library with me to help get her study hours
Trust is a big issue now days. There shouldn’t have to be proof that you’ve studied for so long in my opinion. Grades will reflect this. 

Flooding at tech

  Walking to class in the pouring rain is never fun. On today’s like today I wish I had a body long rain jacket to protect myself from the rain. On a more serious note, there are several parking lots covered in water here. Luckily my car is safe from flooding right now but other people’s cars are not safe. If I have to pay to park my car I want to know that it’s safe. With all of the different colored hang tags, sometimes finding a parking spot in your color is difficult. 

Arkansas Tech Univeristy should offer more parking spots in all different colors especially for yellow parkers. This is the color where the flood zone parking lot is.

Life of a barrel racer